Lifelong Learning

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Unit 2: Understanding inclusive learning and teaching in lifelong learning

1. Understand learning and teaching strategies in lifelong learning. 1.1 Summarise learning and teaching strategies used in own specialism. It is very important that i know and understand the various learning styles of my students before I start my lesson. This will enable my students to get maximum benefit from my lessons. I could do this through an initial assessment or interview or if i plan my lessons correctly, i could do this on the first day of class. Therefore once i know my students style of learning i can plan my lessons to what style best suits them. Once I’ve established their learning style i could then plan my lessons to suit my students and i could also use assessments to gauge their progress during lessons, this will be in the form of the initial assessment, formative and summative assessments. I could explain my teaching plan to the class, the aim and objective of the lesson, this way the students will be clear what the session entails and what they have to know at the end of the lesson. In making sure no student is left out i could use EDIP to get my lesson across, this way i will be covering all learning styles. The students should also know what is acceptable in their behaviour and what’s not; this can be done through a class contract. The layout, safety and temperature of the room is also of great importance as there will be some students in wheelchairs, thus the students will feel comfortable during lessons. If not my students will be concentrating on the cold, lack of ventilation, also they may not be able to see or hear on what’s going on, therefore i will have failed in my aim and objective as a teacher. As a tutor teaching about disability I’m governed by the Health and Safety at Work act 1974. My students should be made aware of these rules and in case of any accidents where to go, and where the fire escapes and meeting points are, and also which toilets are suitable for wheelchairs. I will need to give a brief outline of COSHH and what it means, and how we behave in the class. To ensure good teaching and learning i will make it exciting and informative for them as i possibly can. Depending on funding i will try and have as much equipment as possible to demonstrate with, this will give the class a good feeling of achievement and help them have an easier life, also it will give me a good feeling knowing I’m doing my job properly. 1:2 Explain how approaches to learning and teaching in own specialism meet the needs of learners. As a tutor i will be giving talks on disability acts, changes to benefits including Personal Independence payment (PIP). I will be using handouts talks and visitors from the Job Centre Plus (JCP) and other benefit agencies. I will use the students own experience and situation to highlight the affects that these new changes will have on them, this will be class involvement and participation. This type of instruction will also use acts, dates; benefit amounts – numeracy, demonstrations and handouts – visual explanation and aural. I will also be using the fire brigade, who will give advice on fire risks in the home and give advice in preventing fires, and also on smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, and most importantly what to do in the event of a fire, and disability adaption companies to give talks and demonstrations on what home and vehicle adaption’s that are available to them, these adaption’s will make them more independent, this will involve hands on sessions. In some cases may have to use power point. This will use kinaesthetic learning; all of the above will incorporate all learning styles and therefore will be fully inclusive.

1:3 Describe aspects of inclusive learning.
Inclusive learning is all about involving all my students during the lesson, and treating them equally and fairly, and without directly or indirectly excluding anyone during a lesson. Some students may feel...
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