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Swimming is a fun thing to do but it can turn out to be very deadly. That is why lifeguarding or some type of saving group was organized. In 1708 the first known organized lifesaving group was created call the China Chinkiang Association for the purpose of saving lives.

The first thing I found out that was interesting was in early 1700’s even people in the United States did a bit of lifeguarding or something like it called the USLA lifeguards. The USLA would patrol the coast lines and they have dories(small lifeboats) that would come out and help people in need of help because of a ship wreck or some other reason. When ships changed to mechanical power wrecks became a very common thing and started increasing (USLA). Later in the late 1800’s ships were starting to built better and wrecks became a uncommon thing. Then swimming became a very common thing in the 1800’s. By 1878 the U.S. Lifesaving service was formed and they later joined the United States Coast Guard. From now on they started guarding the lives of swimmers at beaches.

In 1855 the first official lifeguard was William S Cazier which was appointed by New Jersey’s Atlantic City council (Life Guard). In 1892 the city officially organized the first paid lifeguards in the United States. In 1910 the time for a invention came for saving lives and that was a board for rescuing. They were used so that the ligeguard that was on duty could throw the board in the water to a swimmer in trouble and reel them in like a fish. This invention was invented by Duke Kahanamoku he was a surfer and he named it the Buoyant board lifeboard. Today they use the same type of device but usually is to be plastic and softer than the older boards.

Later on in 1908 in Ontario, Canada the British lifesaving service was established. After this time more and more countries started doing the same. 1911 boys of the boys scouts starting perfecting their swimming and gaining badges for swimming and...
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