Lifeboat Final Say

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Lifeboat Final Say: A Hero in Disguise
The lifeboat scenario asks us students to select one individual, out of a plethora of victims, to save from imminent death. In circumstances so harsh and glum, it is easy to lose logic and let compassion and sympathy dictate reasoning and choice. However, when examining the tragic situation from a strictly logical standpoint, the criminal man who is best equipped to navigate the boat is the most sensible pick, despite his character flaws. Because he is the man who is most capable of steering the lifeboat, he has the greatest chance of saving the most amount of people. In the lifeboat situation, the remaining survivors are placed in a small boat. This boat is floating in arctic water, with only enough supplies and capacity to sustain nine people. All people aboard are also most likely experiencing a traumatic event. A traumatic event is classified Merriam Webster dictionary by senses of horror, helplessness, serious injury, threat of serious injury, or death. Every single person on the measly lifeboat endured more than one key factor that entails a trauma. They all witnessed the mass death of people who had been on the sunken ship with them. The threat of serious injury is fresh in their heads, and some passengers on their life boat may even have a life threatening wound. Senses of both horror and helplessness are probably consuming their thoughts; they are stranded in the middle of an unforgiving environment and it is uncertain if they will be receiving the help they so desperately require. Human responses to such chaotic events range; states that a person can experience fear, grief, depression, nausea, dizziness, denial, shock, withdrawal, or isolation. These symptoms can reduce a individual into a quivering mess of mental maelstrom and last for up to two months. This means every single person upon the adrift lifeboat has the potential to be a sobbing, shock ridden burden that will lower everyone's...
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