Topics: Andrew Niccol, Assumption of Mary, Protagonist Pages: 2 (779 words) Published: April 18, 2014
How does “Gattaca” show that assumptions are often false? INTRO: In the sterile, genetically enhanced society of Gattaca, by Andrew Niccol, exists unfair assumptions that are often false. One genetic makeup is valued significantly above all else, in a world where “discrimination is down to a science.” BODY 1: genetics determines success, crimes are more likely to be committed by in-valids, invalids cant do what valids can - Vincent even though he didn’t kill the mission director gave up trying because he knows that they wouldn’t think that a valid could murder someone and there is no way he can prove himself innocent. Halfway through the movie there is a scene where all the in-valids have been lined up against a wall and are being tested. Crimes are more likely to be committed by in-valids. The director killed the mission commissioner because this launch comes every 70 years and he was causing a delay in the process; the director was scared he would not live long enough to experience another. Irene who is a valid committed a crime by keeping the secret about Vincent to herself. Invalids cant do what valids can, Anton says “you have no right to be here” the assumption that an invalid cannot meet corporate demans destines them to remain laborers lacking future prospects or advancement. Eugene does not reach his predetermined potential, when walking in front of the car to commit suicide “he couldn’t even get that right” but “if at first you don’t succeed, then try again.” Vincent beat Anton, the genetically superior, in a chicken swimming race proving that just because someone is born with enhanced DNA doesn’t mean that they are superior in the end its about hardwork, motivation, determination and fate and unfortunately all these attributes don’t have genes. Anton does not reach his predetermined potential BODY 2: Gattaca is perfect, science is perfect, discrimination, moral and ethics - everyone wearing the same uniform walking into Gattaca with no emotions...
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