life a journey

Topics: Planet, Jupiter, Solar System Pages: 1 (286 words) Published: October 15, 2013
If I have pair of wings

Even the imagination of having wings is carrying me to the world of fantasy.

If I could fly, I would race with the birds, and then aim at challenging the world’s fastest bird – ‘Peregrine Falcon’. I would make new strange friends in the air. I would be friend a 'Humming bird' and check out whether it is as small as read!

I would make my favourite bird, ‘The African Grey Parrot’ as one of my best friend in the sky, who is known to be ‘the perfect mix of brain and beauty’.

This is just a start! I would be desperate to explore the world of the universe. I would visit all the planets. I would check whether the planets such as Mercury, Venus and Mars have solid rocky surfaces like Earth, and why other planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are called gas giants!

I would fly over the clouds and see how water accumulates there. I would also find how a ‘rainbow’ is formed after the rain. I would slide over it to have fun, and play different tricks, because ‘All work and no fun makes Aryan a dull boy!’

I would see the strange process of my planet, which causes not only days and nights, but also seasons. I would study and find out the real causes of ‘Global Warming’ on the earth, and would invent some new methods to stop it, which would be acceptable and easy to man.

I think, I would be the youngest astronomer, not trained or learned, but gifted and ambitious, who would reach the space, and invent different facts and remedies to enable mankind live more peacefully and prosperously!
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