Life Without Trees

Topics: Air pollution, Pollution, Carbon dioxide Pages: 2 (715 words) Published: January 10, 2011
Life Without Trees
It was that night of June 6, 2000 that has left an impression on me till date. I rarely dream while asleep. But on that rainy day, I was woken up to a revelation that ignited a spirit in me � to do something for the benefit of all. Next day I shared the details of my dream with my Environmental Studies teacher in school. She appreciated my concern for what I had seen and my commitment to the cause. I shared the dreams with my friends.

My friend, Nisha, and myself were walking through a barren land .We had walked for more than a mile and were exhausted. There was no shade anywhere to hide us from the scorching heat. We were soaked in the grime and sweat of the humid climate. The feeling of irritation and exhaustion was at its peak and both of us started coughing .The strong winds that blew occasionally only added to our woes. They carried with them pollutants of all kinds. Suddenly we were befriended by a ferocious looking leopard .Was he a man-eater, we wondered? Uttering the name of the Lord and seeking protection from Him, we shivered in fright. Why was the leopard out strolling around rather than hiding in the forests behind the trees? Perhaps the dense forests have been cleared and the animal had no choice but to come out into the open. He has been deprived of his natural habitat. It was then that I woke up .I realized the importance of Mother Nature and the role of trees therein.

Nature is an infinite source of beauty. Only one should have the eyes to behold it and the heart to feel it like the English poet, Wordsworth, who, after seeing the daffodils, said: �And then my heart with pleasure fills,,

And dances with the daffodils�.
Nature is a great teacher. Nature without trees is akin to �Fish without water� or a �Head that sports no hair on it!� Trees occupy an important place in the life of man. They give us so many good things and yet expect nothing in return. Trees add beauty and color to an...
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