Life Without Technology

Topics: Innovation, Automobile, Walking Pages: 1 (341 words) Published: March 7, 2013
People's lives have been changed in many ways through the development of technology. The progress in technology enables us to live without any difficulties. As far as I am concerned, life today is better than it was in my grandparents' childhood for the following reasons.

First of all, I think that technology has benefited us. The development of computers and Internet has influenced people a lot. People can buy many things on the net instead of shopping in a real shop. It is also easier to get information from the Internet. For example, I like to find answers in the net for my daily problems all the time. Students write reports and do research with computers. Moreover, people use various digital devices to make their lives more convenient. I think that modern technology contributes greatly to our quality of life.

With the advancement of transportation, people live in a more convenient life. People used to travel abroad by boats before airplanes were invented. According to a research, the airplane is safer and more comfortable than the boat. On the other hand, the car plays an important role in our life. People cannot move too far by walking or riding a horse. For example, when my grandfather was a child, he took two hours to walk to school everyday. If his family has had a car, he would not have spent so much time on commute.

The third reason is that there are many innovations in medicine. Because of the advancement in medicine, people live longer than before. Most of the illnesses can be cured without much pain. We know how to protect a disease by getting vaccinations. For example, a new virus, H1N1, had spread out in several days. Science developed a vaccine in few days, so the new virus was under controlled.

In conclusion, given the reasons described above, I think we live in a better life than out ancestors. Thanks to the development of technology, our life is more convenient. In addition, we are healthier because the medicine
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