Life Without Technology

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A Life without Technology

Every time I experience a power outage I would just usually lie on the couch and sleep through the whole ordeal. I could not imagine life without electricity to power all of our devices that helps us live through our everyday experiences.
Putting electricity aside, every aspect of our life is touched by technology. Our transportation, everyday communications right down to the present method of teaching is influenced by technology. Have you ever wondered how people used to do researches without the internet or how we travel from country to country without cars and airplanes? I made me shudder to think of the fact of living without technology.
Looking throughout our history, man never ceased to stop innovating and inventing different technologies in different aspects for our life. From electronic to medical technologies theses advances made our life easier as well as connected the human race from the different corners of our world. Without technology eradicated disease such as smallpox or the Spanish flu could have been still rampant since the 1800’s. Getting a simple cold could be life threatening without technology. Without the communication technologies in which the modern society relies heavily upon, the life as we all know it would cease to exist. And that is only the removal of a single piece of technology.
Technology has helped us through many aspects in life. It has saved countless of lives through medicine as well as bringing people together from all around the world. It has also become the source of death and suffering through countless wars and battles resulting in the claiming of countless of innocent lives. For me, technology is a tool, without it, I believe that people would still continue to exist and prosper. But with it, it can bring about miracles and do countless of unmentionably good things; but in the other hand, technology can become our very lives and without it we would cease to function,

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