Life Without Art

Topics: Art, Human, Soul Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: October 6, 2008
Life without Art
“..Having said that we survive in exact relationship to the dedication of our poets (including preachers, musician and blues singer)”-Graduation, Maya Angelou. Can we survive without art? Art has existed longer than anyone take on, before anyone formula (of the right way or the wrong of doing it.).Art has long been and is still simply a form of human expression, whether it be a on a piece of paper or just spoken words. People have long found artistic ways to express their inner being, thoughts and souls. The question is not whether one can survive without art? Rather; can one survive happily without it? To simply state art is a matter of life and death would be odd, because we need air to survive, so in comparison we would not die without art, however, existing happily without art would be challenging. Art is one of the most beautiful forms of expression that is known to man. A poet has his poetry, a preacher needs his sermon, blues singer needs their verse over a beautiful beat .A painter needs his canvases, even kindergartener need their crayon and their coloring book. Michelangelo could not live without his muse. Anyone can create art; everyday people create art in one form or another. It is not something one must be skill to do; all someone need is to find a form of art that suit them. A singer can sing, writer can write. Art in itself is the simplest form of human expression. What the Egyptian did with clay, straw and gold they build a multitude pyramids beautiful a form of art. Any art form can be therapeutic, people are able to express their inner most thoughts, desires, pain and misery. Certain blues singer, poets and musician are able to convey their emotion in such a manner that it engulf the audience to shed tears, to be anger and brings their audience into compassion for them and their situation. Often people are able to relive an experience or have someone speak to their soul through spoken word or music or even a sermon. I know...
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