Life with My Father

Pages: 1 (398 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Life With My Father

Through-out our childhood life we have so many memorable moments, yet about half of those memories fade away. Though, we aren't aware of the fact that our fathers cherish and remember each and everyone of those memories. Moreover, my father whom has been by my side since the first ten minutes I came to existence in this world, could give a clear and accurate statement of every event that has had an impact on my development. My father know me best, he's irreplaceable. I wouldn't be able to picture my life without him, nor his soothing support. He clearly understands and can relate to how i feel, my fathers warm-hearted gestures are made at the ideal time. I couldn't possibly ask for more. When I have a problem e gives me advice at the best of his ability, I can't ever doubt him. My father the one I trust, and respect. Day-by-day he consistently works asking for no more than our scholastic success. My admiration for everything he does is what gives me that push I need every now and then when things some worthless. His way of living gives my brothers and I our constant responsibility traits. We've learned so far that studying, working hard, as well as taking responsibility for your actions are just a few of the many accommodations we will have to make in life. It's ironic how small actions made from my father can convey so much meaning. Furthermore, when he does things as simple as helping me out on a project, or even going out to purchase any of my needs I feel gifted. Basically, my father is my idol similar to a child's passion for becoming a "super hero". Therefore, my father is more than the typical. He provides us with all types of unconditional support whether it's economic or personal. He gives me the strength I need to get back up when something knocks me...
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