Life Was Simpler In The Past So People Must Have Been Happier

Topics: Happiness, Simple living, Personal life Pages: 2 (960 words) Published: April 16, 2015
Xavier Graham ‘Life was Simpler in the past, so people must have been happier.’ English Coursework In the time it took you to clap me on stage, 15 African children have died from malaria. I firstly disagree with this statement, ‘Life was Simpler in the past, so people must have been happier.’ For in the past mortality rate was awfully high, meaning it was much easier to lose your family to death, compared to the present day. My point is that I believe there have been huge advances in society, not only in medicine but in knowledge and technology. As life was simpler they did not how to cure the common cold and even this could make you extremely ill. 100 years ago life expectancy was extremely low compared to what it is now, meaning you would have less time to enjoy being around your family who you love and are happy being around. For as we are living longer than ever before, we are being given greater time to reach our lifelong goals, which once could never have been made possible. My second point is that with new found knowledge of different cultures, people are becoming more aspirational, this has led to more people becoming happy because of it. No longer do people have to do what their family has been doing for hundreds of years (unless he/she wishes too, of course.) This is firstly due to the world becoming increasingly interconnected, now you can find out what’s happening on the other side of the world, minutes after the incident has happened. Now you can go wherever you want to go, if it involves going to another country, nothing no longer prevents you. As planes have become economically viable so you can catch a flight whenever you want to for there are no time restrictions. You may have to save up, but if it is your dream to go scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, very few things can stop you. However 60 to 100 years ago, if you were a middle-class person who lived in England, it most certainly would have been impossible to have done this....
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