Life: Utopia and Brave New World

Topics: Utopia, Dystopia, Island Pages: 2 (777 words) Published: May 28, 2008
In the societies of Brave New World and Pleasantville their way of living is based on stability and happiness. In both societies happiness and stability are created in the beginning in the hopes of good and not evil. The temporary stability and the happiness in society allows people to feel that they belong until it is further realized that their society is not what they expected it was. The depravation from a normal society withheld the ability of expression creating the society to change when atypical events occur. Each society had its own way of express happiness and stability that is what made them opposite. Happiness in Brave New world is simply enjoying what you were predestined to do and take soma to feel happiness in a dissimilar way. Happiness is lost in Brave New World when Bernard begins to disengage from his society and question the social order. Happiness in Pleasantville could be defined as a perfect world until expression as well as curiosity arises.

When curiosity arises, expression occurs creating the society to change. Changes occur when the people of Pleasantville want to try new things out of the ordinary. In Brave New World change transpires when the citizens of the higher caste distinguish how their society happiness and stability is false. Brave New World's society begins to change when the alpha class begins to realize that they are too smart for the society they live in. In Pleasantville, citizens of the society began to loose happiness and stability when color evolves. The color begins to occur when something out of the ordinary is accomplished.

In the two utopias that we learned about, the major concern was the steadiness of happiness and stability. When the citizens of the society once realized that their life they have been living was no longer what they had come to expect. When Bernard of Brave New world begins to realize that he is to smart for his society he is given the right to leave and is no longer is accepted back....
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