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Topics: Culture, Time, Automobile Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Life today, life so years ago
Undoubtedly, quality of life is a major concern for many people these days. As you know, the most important and affective changes, that made on twenty first century. As a result, they called it technology century. There is a big argue between people. While some people say improve the technology has more negative influence on our life, the other group say technology makes life easier and faster. I personally think that the second group are right. “Technology makes life easier and faster.” To begin with, we came back to past (I mean the cave dweller). At that time when they wanted to notice something to another one they used to burn some wood. What do you think about this method? Can you guess what that was? I explain. When one of the people saw the smoke of the wood he/she could understand something is happening. But these days we have a variety of security systems such as; Camera, Alarm, Fingerprint, and sensors. Moreover, the first car (Velo) was made in 1894. Before that the people should move with the animal or on their leg and that’s too hard for them to go to the far places and that took lots of time. But these days mostly each person has his/her own car and she/he can do their work instantly without any waist time. They can go on a trip for vacation or they can see all over the world. In addition, our families used to read books at library to found the answer of their question so they couldn’t improve their knowledge easily. But today you can find your answer on internet only with one click so it’s really easier for us to find a reference and we can improve their knowledge with it. Furthermore, one of the most important things is changing people cultures. The first man used to eat with their hand but today if you eat your meal with your hand all the people will see you and they think you are weird. So as you see the cultures are improved and each nation wants to learn about other cultures so...
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