Life Styles Inventory (Lsi) Survey

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GM591- LSI Survey

Life Styles Inventory (LSI) Survey

GM591 ACC_C Miles DVUC MNHTN Leadership and Organizational Behavior

July 22, 2011


This paper reviews Lifetime Inventory survey results. It is definitely the self discovery

tool that has revealed my primary and secondary thinking styles as well as my limiting

style that has a negative impact on my management style. It also gave me a feed back of

my management styles. It provides me with idea of how my personal thinking was

formed and what influence my family or culture or school had on it. At the end it gives

me the clue how to improve my effectiveness, how to strengthen my thinking and self

esteem, how to set goals to achieve success in my personal and professional life.


Life Styles Inventory (LSI) Survey

Part I: Personal Thinking Styles (primary, backup, limiting)

The life style inventory survey provided me with very surprising information

about my thinking and behavioral style. As an individual I had my own views about my

thinking and behavioral style however I have found out some characteristics that I never

thought of. So I should say that LSI survey was very interesting discovery for me.

According the survey my primary personal thinking style is conventional

( 90%) and my back up personal thinking style happens to be dependent ( 87%).

I should say that I am conventional but not in high range. I would have put

myself in a medium range. I am definitely someone who would follow the rules and

established procedures but I am very comfortable expressing my ideas and individuality

as well.

I have found myself more conventional in my personal lifestyle rather my work

style.The perfect example would be the fact that I have been living with in laws since my

marriage and though I have thought and tried to move to a new place on my own I am

afraid to take risks. I will also definitely take suggestion from LSI survey “to break out

my routine and do something different , take moderate risks and look for ways to do things


Identifying and admitting the”limiting style “” in my opinion is the

way of finding the negative style of any individual. The survey results has shown

high percentile on what I think is my limiting style which is dependent style.

I am very modest and tactful and though I do consider them to be the positive

characteristics, they definitely work against me. Just recently I applied for a new

position at work. After the first round of the hiring process that involved taking

the test I was told that I had missed one point to move on to the next level.

I had a feeling that it was an error as I felt very confident with the answers

that I had given. Eventually I was not promoted for the position but I had found out that

there was an error in the test and I could have gotten the chance for the interview and

even the position as well, because I was considered as one of primary candidates for .
the position .I was too modest to talk about it with my manager and human resources.

Unfortunately it was a very bitter way of learning how to do better and

change some of my life style characteristics.

Part II: Impact On Management Style

My personal style definitely has an impact on my management style.

Though I seem to be dependable in my personal life style I tend to change at

a work place and as a manager I see myself as humanistic-encouraging, self-actualizing

and affiliative.

I scored 75...

References: 2. Schermerhorn, Hunt, Osborn, Uhl-Bien; “Organizational Behavior” ( 2011).
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