Life Styles Inventory

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Part I – Personal Thinking Styles

I love me and I am confident in knowing who I am
My primary style is in Constructive Styles. My strongest trait at 11 o'clock is achievement, I tend to find work highly rewarding. My goals tend to lean toward getting the job done and in doing it well. I possess effective planning and problem-solving skills. I work well with others and share responsibility, inspire others, and build confidence makes achievement-oriented people excellent leaders. The Style I am strongest in is self-actualizing. This style is the one I thought I'd be strongest in. I enjoy life and live in the moment. I am motivated by my own values and beliefs and I don't need approved from or to be recognized by others. Humanistic-Encouraging individuals believe they can assist others in fulfilling their potential by providing a supportive climate that inspires self-improvement. Although very high scores on this scale are uncommon, the Humanistic-Encouraging style is positive, healthy and effective. Those who use it are sensitive to people's needs, and will devote energy to counseling and coaching others. They have a refined knowledge of people, and demonstrate maturity and consideration when dealing with them. Humanistic-Encouraging people gain satisfaction through seeing others grow, and typically form meaningful relationships. Their willingness to take time with people makes them excellent leaders, managers and teachers.

Achievers tend to find their work highly rewarding. They are most interested in getting the job done and in doing it well. These individuals often possess the skills necessary for effective planning and problem-solving. Their ability to share responsibility, inspire others, and build confidence makes achievement-oriented people excellent leaders.

Individualistic by nature, self-actualized people have a strong interest in working to become everything they are capable of being. They have a healthy sense of self-worth, a strong curiosity about people and things, and an acute awareness of both their own and others' feelings. Their insightfulness and directness add fresh perspective to situations. Affiliative people seek out, establish, value, and maintain close associations with others. These individuals appreciate people and enjoy being in the company of others. In fact, they tend to be most comfortable when among those with whom they have established strong emotional and social ties. Family, personal and business relationships are all equally important to affiliative people. Others tend to see them as warm, trusting and socially skilled. They share their thoughts and feelings easily, and help others to feel important and worthwhile.

You appreciate approval when it comes your way, but you do not need it. Not needing approval frees you to speak and act according to your own feelings, and to rely on your own judgment and instincts. Because you are not preoccupied with being accepted by others, you can concentrate on your own growth and fulfillment.

You prefer to think for yourself, rather than allowing rules and procedures to dictate how you do things. While you may be receptive to the input of others, you are comfortable making your own decisions. You can recognize and appreciate your own uniqueness, as well as what is special in others. Free from the stifling effects of conventional behavior, you are probably able to explore creative solutions to problems.

You probably prefer to confront things rather than avoid them. You may have many effective qualities, including a healthy sense of self-worth. You seldom experience significant doubt over your ability to deal with problems, and are usually not afraid to take occasional risks. Rather than always choosing the safest route, you are likely to explore different alternatives for accomplishing something. Confidence in yourself contributes to your belief that you can change things for the better. When you do make mistakes, you probably see...
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