Life Style Inventory-Organization and Leadership Behavior

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Life Style Inventory (LSI 1)
GM 591
Organization and leadership behavior

March 23, 2004

There is one subject we don't study in school, but it is the one subject that is essential to your own happiness and quality of life. That subject is YOU! The LSI authors describe the instrument in this way: “Depending on how you choose to use them, your thoughts can be your strongest allies or your worst enemies. The LSI enables you to examine your own unique way of thinking and how it influences your behavior. Using what you learn about yourself, you can determine where and how to direct your self-improvement efforts to achieve lasting, measurable results.” The LSI characterizes who I am and the shape of my life. LSI creates a profile of my current thinking style. Also, I can see how the 12 personal thinking styles work together to determine my behaviors. The analysis of the LSI profile and 12 personal thinking styles are describes as per self-development guide. In humanistic-encouraging section I did score in the medium range 69%. This score indicates that I demonstrate concern for others and can be supportive of them. Because I generally try to encourage people in their efforts to improve, others probably see me as inspirational. I recognize the value of positive feedback and frequently use it as motivator. These statements are accurate about me. This style also works well with high score in achievement. I did score 90% in achievement section. This suggests that I do things well, and tend to focus on the quality of both my performance and the results my achievements. In addition, humanistic-encouraging behavior can be affected when the perfectionistic score is high. By being perfectionistic, I avoid to get closer to others because my imperfections can be discovered. I did a new discovery about myself. Affiliative indicates that I am a friendly person who enjoys people and able to establish warm, trusting relationships with those who I am interested. Self-actualizing reveal that I tend to have a great deal confidence in myself and in my ability to make things better. My healthy outlook can positively influence my personal development, relationships, and effectiveness at work. In approval style I score medium low which indicates that I don’t have to have a strong need for approval. I prefer to voice my opinions and I tend to be guide by own beliefs and values. Affiliative, self-actualizing, and approval styles describe my-self very well. Power score illustrate my desire for control may sometimes interfere with my efforts to direct others. When seeking power I lose control often during stressful situations. In most cases I perceive my-self as this style describes me. Competitive score in the high range 75%. I like to be the center of attention. I focus more on winning than on performance excellence. I do not work well with others cooperatively to achieve a goal; I tend to work against them. Oppositional Score is in the high range. I tend to take a rigidly skeptical stand toward others. I am not direct in my observation and this makes it difficult for people to know what I am thinking. These results are very surprising to me. I do not considered myself as self-center of attention nor working cooperatively well with others. I don’t belief that my ideas are better than anyone else, nor that I don’t need people. Conventional style indicates that I have difficult times dealing with new things and even taking small risks. Dependent style score medium range of 50%. This point out that when making decisions I likely to seek the opinions of others, because I feel safer when others set the course. Achievement and self-actualization score influence how conventional am I. Also, influence in my level of dependence. Both score in achievement and self-actualization were high indicates that I am independent and I act according to my own beliefs. Avoidance shows me that I have difficulty giving my-self credit for my strengths; instead I tend...
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