Life Style Changing

Topics: Indonesia, Globalization, Want Pages: 8 (3414 words) Published: August 24, 2013
Lifestyle is a word that shows how we endure our life, how we act in this life, how we interact with others and it also means the way we think about every part in our lives. We know that our lifestyle changes every time. Yesterday we still used abacus to do our math homework, but now we just use our calculator or computer to account the numbers. Yesterday we used bicycle to go to other places, and now we use motorcycle and car to reach the places. Our lifestyle is changing from the primitive one in long time ago to a modern lifestyle in this globalization era. But, do you know the last primitive lifestyle gave us some advantages which cannot be given by modern lifestyle. Primitive lifestyle is better than our modern because some aspects which can give us a better life. When we think about primitive ethnics like Dayak in Kalimantan, Kubu in Sumatera, and Asmat in Papua, we directly think they are so weird and left behind. They do not want to accept technology which comes to human’s life, they still live in jungle, in short they do not want to mingle with others in this globalization system. On the other hand, when globalization system comes to our life, people change their lifestyle to a modern one which imitated from big countries like America, United Kingdom, China, Japan, and others. They use so much technology to do everything in their lives. They use telephone to communicate, use motor vehicles to transport, and they also use technology to do their house works like washing clothes, cooking food, and cleaning the rooms. Based on this detail, we can decide that a modern lifestyle uses some technology, instead the primitive lifestyle does not want to use even they do not want to know about anything in technology. The first reason why primitive lifestyle becomes better than the modern one is about their lives are healthier than our lives, we all know that the food which we consumed are taken from our nature, meat from animals and vegetable from plants. Although the modern or primitive people eat the same source of food, but each other gets the different nutrition. In modern era, the food serves with interesting look, and processed with some essence added to the materials. The past food or usually we call it junk food like pizza, hotdog, and soon are very common in our life. And the strange part is we still eat it although we know that foods are not healthy. Another example, our vegetables and fruits are packed with modern ways, and off course it uses preservative essences that make it looks more interesting. But in primitive lifestyle, they just picked their vegetables and fruits from their own garden and then they cook them with simple ways like frying, boiling, or roasting. It will help them to get full nutrition from that food without adding or subtracting other essence like preservative, food coloring, and other thing to make their food more delicious or get more interesting look. And the other things that make primitive people’s live become healthier is drink. Modern people love to drink some packed product of drink like soft drink, caprice coffee, caprice tea, and other instant drink which are tasted delicious. But, primitive people like to consume fresh water, natural coffee, and some herbal drink that are made by themselves. And with that healthy and natural drinks or food make people’s live better. Comparing our modern food with primitive one, In my opinion we would better consume more natural drink and food than junk food for our health. So, in this side we can see that primitive people is healthier than us. And if we want to be healthier, just try to consume more natural food. As we know, primitive people do not accept the technology that come to our lives. They don’t want to use computer, television,even motorcycle. Because they do not use motorcycle or car, they have to ride the bicycle or they have to go on foot to move and reach other place. In other side, we all the...
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