Life Story Race For The Double Helix Video Extra Credit Assignment

Topics: DNA, James D. Watson, Francis Crick Pages: 3 (656 words) Published: June 29, 2015
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Life Story: The Race for the Double Helix
Extra Credit Opportunity – 20 Points
Directions: Google™ LIFE STORY: The Race for the Double Helix and select the video uploads. You will need to view this full-length movie in two parts. Mrs. Dyer also has a VHS copy (they never made a DVD of it) you may sign out and watch if you prefer. If you sign out Mrs. Dyer’s copy, you have exactly one week from the sign out date to watch and return the video for others to use. Take notes on the film and then answer the questions that follow in this document. Your answers should be typed into this document (use a different color font) and then submitted as a file upload to the assignment in our course website. You must complete all sections of this document for full extra credit consideration. Analysis Questions:

1. This movie depicts two different philosophies of scientific discovery.  Comment on the way in which the structure of DNA was discovered.  Discuss the method used by Watson and Crick, and compare and contrast it with the method used by Rosalind Franklin.  Which method was more appropriate?  Should scientific exploration be a “race”?  What are the pros and cons of such a race?  How do you feel about Watson and Crick having the “glory” associated with discovering the structure of DNA?

2. Several times in the movie, the politics of science were discussed.  Explain how politics played a role in the discovery of DNA structure.  Do you think the science of today is more or less political than it was during the 1950s?  Discuss one example of modern research that is affected by politics, and how it is affected.

3. Discuss the methods Watson and Crick used to determine the structure of DNA.  What do you think was good about their methods?  What do you think was NOT good about their methods?  Why?  Do the same for Franklin’s scientific methods.

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