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Topics: African American, White American, Belching Pages: 2 (460 words) Published: December 5, 2013
Life Story Project 2
There are mainly three things in my life that have really affected who I am today. Those three things are gender, race, and neighborhood.
My gender is female and always has been. Growing up I was one of the guys, I did the things they did. I used to wrestle with my brothers and have belching contests, but then I started to hit puberty and my parents told me I had to start acting like a girl. I never understood exactly why I had to have good manners and couldn’t just do what I wanted and felt like without apology. Now though it has become ingrained in me to be polite and say excuse me after I burp and also that farting in public is strictly a no no. Sometimes I wish that I could just be gross and do fart and belch and not be judged. I mean, we all do it, so why not just get over it, why do girls have to be something supposedly delicate and perfectly pretty.

Also, being African American and being raised in an all Caucasian home was very hard on me. All my house members were white and it felt like I couldn’t relate and that I would never fit in properly with them. But, I got used to them and so now in this day and age, most of my best friends have been white, and now I feel that I don’t really connect with other African American people. To me they seem like a completely different set of race from myself. I don’t feel like I belong to the African American race at all.

Next is how my neighborhood affected me. In my old neighborhood there was a huge amount of kids. We all played together and we all got along, we hardly ever fought among households and we looked out for each other. Now since I’ve grown up and I’m in high school people don’t look out for each other and they backstab. I am naturally a trusting person, I lend things to people and trust them to return them in the same condition. But now I am seeing that I can’t trust the people around me even though I want to.

In short all these things have changed me in one way or another....
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