Life Span Development of Martin Luther King

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Life Span Development and Personality
Jocelyn N. McGuire

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February 08, 2010

Life Span Development and Personality of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The Heredity
The late Dr. Martin L. King life span development and personality began long before his birth. His father Martin Luther Sr. parents were poor sharecroppers’. Born in 1899 the 19th day of December in Stockbridge, Georgia. King witness actual cruelty of racism in the south. He was victimized and beaten by a white man in his early teenage years, also observe a white crowd hang a black man. Nevertheless his family continues to believe in nonviolenceduring a time when racial prejudice and racial injustice existence. When his mother was dying, King curse and hated white people, but his mother disagreed. “Hattred makes nottin but more hatred… don’t do it.” Jackson. C (nd). The influence of heredity path of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. can be track back to his great grand mother. She was a woman of peace, forgiveness, and believes in nonviolence. Life Span Development and Personality of...

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