Life Span Development and Aproach to Counseling

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During my Interview with Melissa Tudor, MA, LPC , I realized that being a counselor was going to be very challenging and that throughout those challenges it was going to take plenty of patience. Melissa Tudor has been a therapist for many years specializing in working with adolescents and adults of all ages. Her areas of interest include grief and loss, anxiety, depression, adolescent issues, women concerns, and spiritual issues. When interviewing Mrs. Tudor she was asked questions that was related to her job as a licensed therapist, when responding she was very informative and even went in great detail to show her point.

One question that I asked Mrs. Tudor was, how do you see the word “leader” fitting into her role as a therapist? Responding to the question she stated that she see herself as a advocate for everyone which makes her a leader in mediation. Then I went on to ask her what was her strongest asset, according to Mrs. Melissa Tudor her strongest assets as a therapist are the warmth, empathy and hopefulness I bring to the process, Mrs. Tudor states that, “ My clients know that I really care about them and they often respond by working hard to make changes in their lives. I recognize the healing power of laughter and try to incorporate some humor when it's appropriate.” I understood where Mrs. Tudor was explaining because as a therapist I would think that you would have to empathize with the patient in order to see where he/she is coming from and to somehow put yourself in there shoes and find a solution to there problem.

Another question that I found interesting was how would a therapist deal with stress? She stated that she uses something called the four A's, she changes the situation: Avoid the stressor ,Alter the stressor and change the reaction: Adapt to the stressor and Accept the stressor. She said that she has learned how to not take on the patients problems and when she leaves the office, leave it behind.

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