Life Span and Development and Personality

Topics: Diana, Princess of Wales, Charles, Prince of Wales, Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom Pages: 4 (1364 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Life Span Development ad Personality
Christina Schwartz
17 March 2013
Richard Alpert

I have selected a famous individual from the 20th and/or 21st century; Princess Diana. I conducted research concerning the background of Diana to determine what forces impacted her life from the viewpoint of developmental psychology.

Diana Frances Spencer, better known as Princess Diana or Lady Di was born in 1961 in Norfolk; she was the younger daughter of Edmund Roche and Frances Rosche. In 1964 Diana’s parents divided and her mother remarried Peter Kydd. Diana’s education came from a private boarding school for girls in Norfolk. In 1977, after finishing her education Diana went to see her father to join him and her sister Sarah in attending an event knowing that wealthy upper class royalty were on the guest list. This would be the first encounter with Charles the Prince of Whales, but it wasn’t until a 1980 festivity after a polo match that she would run into Prince Charles again. Fast forward a little over a year to February 1981 when Prince Charles proposed, and Diana accepted; the engagement was officially announced on February 24th at a press conference. During that press conference the two were asked if they were in love, Diana responded with ‘of course’ and Charles with ‘whatever love is’ which much later in time would be reflected back on revealing a more accurate image of what the marriage truly entailed (Reynolds, 2011). Diana was born into wealth and royalty with her father Earl Spencer who was a personal aide to King George VI and to Queen Elizabeth II, and the godson of Queen Mary. (Lewis, 2013) After Diana’s parents divorced in 1964 her father gained guardianship of the children and her mother somewhat disconnected herself from their lives after running away with a wealthier man. Diana being born into royalty, and being subjected to a certain lifestyle, a certain expectation of future endeavors and relationships from infancy set...

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