Life Skills for Positive Youth Development

Topics: Youth, Adolescence, Learning Pages: 4 (1070 words) Published: October 10, 2010


Positive youth development is a common neologism that summarizes the international efforts of other youth, adults, communities, govt.agencies and schools to provide opportunities for youth to enhance their interests, skills and abilities into their adulthood’s. According to the family and youth service bureau, the Positive youth development understands that all young people need support, guidance and opportunities during adolescence. Replacing the deficit view of adolescence, the PYD perspective sees all adolescents as having strengths. The goal of positive youth development is to build and strengthen assets that enable youth to grow and flourish throughout life. Youth are resources to be developed; they are not problems to be managed. Creating supportive or enriching environments for all youth will lead to the desired positive outcomes as well as reduced negative outcomes. Creating a good fit – between youth strengths and ecological assets will promote positive youth development.

The scientific exploration of a strength based paradigm requires an interdisciplinary approach. The current social and political changes require more than ever than the promotion of skills to regulate one’s development by forming and pursuing goals that ultimately lead to competence and satisfaction. . Life skills do play a critical role in the prevention of problem behaviours during adolescence, such as early substance misuse. Similarly external and internal development assets contribute to positive and healthy development in adolescents. Life skills programmes promote a large promotion of internal and external development assets which should be targets of programs for promoting PYD, the Life skills programs may not only represent an effective for the prevention of problem behaviours but also for promoting development assets, thriving and positive youth development outcomes such as school success or satisfaction with...
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