Life Skills

Topics: Goal, Ethics, Morality Pages: 8 (2253 words) Published: June 21, 2013
Unit 1: Welcome and Get Started

Course is designed to help improve everyday life.

Unit 2- Thinking about yourself
Unit 3- Thinking for yourself
Unit 4- Taking care of yourself
Unit 5- Caring for your relationships
Unit 6- Caring about your world
Unit 7- Final exam

Navigating the course:
* The navigation is located at the top and bottom of the document/content. * When you select a unit, a menu will show sections, quizzes, and assignments for the unit. You are able to choose the selection you want. Don’t complete quizzes or assignments until you have finished the corresponding assignment. * Links at the top of a section let you navigate through each section. In bold, will be the selection you are currently in. In each section, the first page will be an introduction and shows what you will be learning. * Links at the bottom of a section let you navigate through each page in that section. The page you are in is in bold. Previous and Next located at the sides also let you navigate through pages.

Getting Started:
Your Teacher- Your teacher will list contact information and policies. You need to be sure how to contact your teacher, the policies, the class schedule, and when things are due. Class Content- The syllabus and content standards tell what the classis about and what you will learn. Class Structure- At the top of the pages there will be a row of links called “Sections”. There are links to each topic in a section and every unit will have them. There is additional that take you to assignments and activities. How You Will Be Graded- You will take many tests and do many assignments that will be graded. You should pay close attention to how you are going to be graded in the discussion and research areas. There is rubrics and you should understand the, before starting an assignment. Plagiarism- Plagiarism is a way of cheating and can happen in any class.

The 6 writing scores are:
6- Wow
5- Strong
4- Effective
3- Developing
2- Emerging
1- Not yet

These things should be in your writing:
Ideas- It should be focused and clear. It should also catch the reader’s attention with useful details that contribute to the central theme. Organization- Your writing should be organized and it should show the central idea. Order, structure, and presentation moves the reader. Voice- You should speak to the reader personally, engaging, and compelling. You should show awareness and respect for the intended audience and the purpose of the writing. Word Choice- The words should show the intended message in a way that is accurate, interesting, and very natural. The words should be very strong and engaging. Sentence Fluency- The writing should flow, and have rhythm and cadence. Sentences should have a strong and varied structure that encourages oral reading. Conventions- There should be a good combination of writing standards, e.g. spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, usage, paragraphing). There should be very little errors.

Grading Discussion Rubrics:
This rubric doesn’t include writing style, spelling, etc.
A or B- Post early, give comments, give examples, respond thoughtfully, help them understand, be polite and respectful. C or D- Post in time, speak to the topic, don’t know much about the topic, only post occasionally, don’t help when someone doesn’t understand, be polite and respectful. F- Post very late, off topic, don’t show any knowledge towards the topic, does not respond to others, didn’t take their time, are rude and insulting.

Plagiarism is taking words or ideas from someone else and presenting them as yours. It happens mostly in the adult world and when kids copy work online and submit it as theirs. You can be given a 0 for plagiarism and the school can add more penalties.

Unit 2:

Thinking about yourself:

It may be hard to look at your feelings, thoughts, relationships, and goals but when you start working at it, it can...
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