Life: Religion and Best Friends Mother

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My Second Mom
I have been exposed to countless of important people in my life. Many have affected who I am today and the part of the reason for the way I act and think. Some of my family members have affected me in the sense that I have changed either culturally or religiously. There is one special person who isn't family by blood but I consider family because of our close relationship. She is my best friends mother whom I consider to also be my mother. I have known her since sixth grade and ever since my life has changed. She has changed my life socially through religion. I am the type of person that finds happiness through the happiness of others. There have been three events between us which have affected the way we see each other but more importantly how I changed due to these. I joined the local church in my old city for her and as well as involve myself in church events which have caused me to change plans and have caused me to live somewhere else. I had to encounter a conflict between her and my dad which is partly the cause that my dad decided to move. The last conflict was between me and my best friend which involved her interfering with my own personal problems. She has been a problem in my life which changed who I am.

I have been playing guitar since seventh grade and is very important to me as it is a great passion that I love. Learning the guitar caused a change in events because it is what got me into the church choir. In my freshman year of high school I was invited to participate in her church choir which was a turning point in my life. Some personal information about me which caused this drama in my life is that I am not religious. I do not believe in a god which in itself conflicts with the fact that I was joining a religious choir. I never intended to join to engage in the religion itself but to satisfy our friendship. In the course of three years I was able to hide the fact that I’m not religious but in turn I was...
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