Life on Mars and Related Text

Topics: Global warming, Interrogation, Sam Tyler Pages: 3 (1182 words) Published: February 11, 2014
Both texts “Life on Mars” by Bharat Nalluri and “Global Warming” by ecoEduca are two of many which use visual techniques to convey messages. Director, Bharat Nalluri uses visual techniques including symbolism, lighting and mise-en-scene to convey his ideas on change. The group ecoEduca, who created the campaign poster, also uses visual techniques including colour and layout to draw the viewers’ attention to the dangers of global warming. They both use effective visual techniques to ensure that we understand their messages. In the series “Life on Mars”, Sam Tyler flashes back to 1973 from 2003. In these switches back in time views can notice the change in policing techniques. In 1973 when a suspect is taken in for questioning the way the officers went about interrogating the suspect showed lack of professionalism as they were very physical in some instances and were just focused on getting an answer out of them. This physicality is shown through the use of high and low camera angles to emphasise the power of the police over the criminal. An example of this is seen in episode two when Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt take Kim Trent in for questioning. As opposed to the modern day technique of interrogating where the suspect and interrogator sit on opposite sides of a table and no physical contact is allowed as well as there being set questions that are asked. This is shown through the mise-en-scene of the placement of the two sides involved. There is also lack of professionalism, which can be shown through the repeated long and mid shots of numerous members of the police department who just sit around and smoke within the office. The department has an extremely laid back environment and it doesn’t seem as if much work is done. In contrast to modern day where everyone is always busy and smoking inside a building is prohibited. Another big difference is the interrogation room itself. In 1973 a Lost & Found room is used in place of the interrogation room. The use of this...
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