life on mars

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First of all ‘MARS’ is a planet which is normally refer to as the earth’s twins, why? Because it has the same features of surface reminiscent both on the impact craters of the moon the volcanoes, valleys. The writer of this novel’ life on mars’ made us to understand that he is a Martian who left him home to pass down a message of what I call salvation or redemption to the people of earth. The writer made it clear that mars is a planet ruled by LOVE, with love among them problems like misunderstanding, or internal dissension does not exist among its people unlike the dwellers of earth. He also mentioned that we earthlings are not only false ideals of radical, sociological and religious distinctions a bar to our spiritual and material progress, but also in terms of political and economical falsities which would lead to our destruction if we do not retrace our steps back to the pathway pointed out by Christ the master and accept LOVE. Economy in mars is a virtue long cultivated on the planet mars as pointed out by the writer. While us on earth we have no respect for nature and its gifts as we carry on with the destruction of forest, depletion of our coal beds and crude oil deposits and he said the reason for this is greed and the lust for material things which would lead to the ultimate destruction of our planet earth. As a result of these material lust habitants on the planet earth has suffered disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis floods, which the writer claims is unknown to them in mars. He also stated in the last paragraph of chapter four that the people of mars has no worries in their mind which is in accordance with Christ message ‘’seek ye first the kingdom of GOD and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added on to you( matt6:33). In chapter V the writer pointed out the way material things in mars are been classified as and compared it to the way we...
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