Life of a Park Ranger

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Nicholas Ayer
ENC 1101
9 October 2011
Professor Oseann
Neglected Rangers
Dealing with the obnoxious public, enforcing the state law, and protecting our remaining natural wildlife are essentially the traditional park ranger’s daily duty. Over the years, citizens of our nation neglect the duties performed by these rangers. These men and women proudly work for the state and are employed by the Department of Environmental Protection, otherwise known as ‘DEP’. Although the “DEP” rangers earn minimal wages while carrying out this difficult job, most claim to work in the park to protect ‘Mother Nature’ and simply experience the freedom of working outside as opposed to an indoor occupation. The average person living in the United States generally believes that park rangers have simple jobs; most people are not aware of the stressful and difficult tasks these men and women have to deal with while on the job. The park rangers are passionate about their jobs even while they are enforcing the states laws/regulations, conserving native wildlife, and responding to emergencies in the park.

In order to find out a little more about how rangers carry out their daily tasks, I decided to interview a DEP ranger, named Patrick Sullivan. Mr. Sullivan is employed at Oleta River State Park, located in North Miami, Florida. I was first introduced to this man while waiting in an old and faded check-in booth located at the entrance of the enormous park. Dressed for work in mud splattered work boots, a discolored green work shirt, and a state ranger hat, Mr. Sullivan walked up to me with a giant smile on his face. I was shocked at the contentment on this mans face, he then calmly stated, “it’s a pleasure to have you here today.” After briefly exchanging a few words Mr. Sullivan said, “Son, let’s go for a ride.”

He began his Saturday morning shift at 9:30, and as he showed me around the sign-in booth I noticed that there was only 7-8 rangers on duty during the weekend. I found...

Cited: Sullivan, Patrick. Personal Interview. 22 September 2011.
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