Life of a Navajo

Topics: Navajo people, Native Americans in the United States, Navajo Nation Pages: 2 (808 words) Published: October 10, 2013
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.The life of a Navajo Indian had its ups and downs I realize that it is far more strenuous than the modern life that we live.Unlike most societies throughout history the Navajo culture is centered on the mother, grandmother and occasionally the older sisters, in other words the Navajo Indians have a matrilineal society. (O'Neil). Men and women had different roles to fulfill within the clan, the men were political leaders, hunters and warriors. Only men were allowed to be chiefs. Women were farmers, tended to the livestock, responsible for childcare and cooking. (Lewis) Along with being in charge of the hunting, politics and fighting men were also the only one s allowed to become chief of the tribe. The Navajo also referred to as the Dine were the largest Native American tribe in the United States, numbering at approximately 150,000. The Navajo were much geared toward family life and events that surround their lifestyle, many games and traditions have emerged from their love of the land and their attachment to it. They usually didn’t live in villages, members of an extended family often lived close by in order to work together raising crops and livestock (add encyclopedia citation.) in addition to borrowing from other cultures, they also raided neighboring peoples, gaining the enmity of Europeans and other Indians alike. Cunning and trickery were among their well known characteristics, and they were expert horse-thieves. With the Indian, as well as with civilized man, honesty may be interpreted in various ways. If one should leave his camp equipage unprotected in a tent, it would be entirely safe from all except the renegade, already recognized by his people as a thief. But if one should turn his back and later find that his horse had been run off by a Navajo in the hope of being rewarded for returning it, the tribesmen of the raider would regard him as one whose cunning should be emulated. (Carey)For a long period prior to the acquisition from...

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