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Topics: Shift work, Better Pages: 3 (967 words) Published: September 11, 2005
The quality of life of the single soldiers in the Army is at an all time high. Never before has there been such an effort to increase the quality of life as we have had in the last few years. From 1998-1999 the army spent nearly $600 million in new barracks construction or renovations to older barracks, building 30,000 1 + 1 spaces for junior enlisted. The command here at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center has also tried to keep the permanent party soldiers in a 1 + 1 style of living even though current events have forced some changes. Today we are finding fewer places that still have 4 per room or a common latrine for the floor. We have kitchens, laundry rooms with easy access, and a decent day room. And while they are not always up to a standard we expect, it's only because the soldiers that use them fail to keep them clean or take care of the equipment in them.

Unfortunately despite all the changes to recent policies and the continuing improvement in the barracks there are still several areas that I would like to see improved. In terms of our living areas the main issue is privacy and morale. The command does not abuse the use of inspections because they are a necessity, but they do not consider the fact that some jobs in the hospital operate on a 24 hour basis. For example while working night shift you may wish to sleep from 1000 till 1600. Since there are shift workers who are home during the day, or people who come home for their lunch break you are forced to deal with loud music or yelling outside, not to mention traffic. But worse then that, if there is a room inspection or furniture check, you also have to deal with people walking into your room, usually around 1100-1400. It's obvious where the problem is with shift workers. This could be easily fixed by starting earlier such as at 0830-0900 or even just starting at 1000 while going to the night shift personnel's rooms first. This would eliminate being disturbed during sleep time and still...
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