Life of the Man

Topics: Winnie-the-Pooh Pages: 4 (455 words) Published: August 28, 2013
As the wind does blow
        Across the trees, I see the
                Buds blooming in May           I walk across sand
And find myself blistering
In the hot, hot heat
Falling to the ground,
        I watch a leaf settle down
In a bed of brown.
It’s cold—and I wait
For someone to shelter me
And take me from here.
I hear crackling
Crunch, of today’s new found day
And know it won’t last
So I will leave it
At bay; and hope for the best
This bitter new day
*Remember, punctuation and indention is arbitrary (meaning it’s up to you, the author to put it in your poem) Here's your chance to try your hand at writing Haiku.  If you want some inspiration, visit the one of the many Haiku pages online.  The beaches waves hit

Sounding of flooding water
Soothes aches all over
-Tiffany, age 13, L.A.

Silence around us
Our watchful eyes hear the world
Hands do the talking
-Jennifer, Virginia

To be a leader,
One must first dream then act out,
fulfillment is yours.
-Mrs. C Troop 280, St. Petersburg, Florida

The wind is blowing
It is blowing very hard
I don't like the wind.
-Amanda, Alabama

I love Winnie the Pooh
Winnie the Pooh loves to eat honey
Bees chase Winnie the Pooh.

The flowers
Reached the sky
As on the grass I lie

A broken tree cut
Brings no shade to the weary
Then what good is it?
-VP Singh, New Delhi, India

Rain falls, seeds sprout
Continues life from something
Small but strong, it grows.
-Sarah, age 14 Cape Cod, MA

Hockey Haiku
Gracefully slither
He sneaks to the net untouched
With one swing he scores.
Slash, push, crush, swipe, skate
Big time effort for four hours
Game ends tied, zero-zero
Up on the tundra
You have one of two choices
Hockey or ...ummm...uhhh.....
-Mike A. Crookston, MN (the tundra)

The winter is over
Spring is here hurray good cheer!
I am glad it's here!
-Irven, age 10, Georgia

I like spring water
It makes me feel good inside
It takes my breath away....
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