Life of Sudan

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1 March 2013

During the mid-1980s Sudan were involved in the Civil War. Due to the Civil War, the Sudanese villages and homes were destroyed by man in military uniform; the war was going on between the North and the South Sudan. However, this caused many different problems in their homelands. On the other hand, many people were killed and many children became forced out. Most of the children had to experienced different types of hardships. Such as seeing their parents dye in front of their face, being shot at and trying to found a way to safety. Most children was about 4 to 10 years olds. The children was running and walking for about five to eight months without food and waters. Some of the children died due to starvation, getting shot, drowning and getting attacked by an wild animals. In addition, most children’s had become refugees at the Kakuma Refugee camp. However, spending their time at the camp the United States government demand that the young boys to come to America. After being demand to come to America the young boys were giving many opportunities to get a job, housing and get and education, many took advantage of these opportunities. A young man named Jacob Atem was one of those who took advantage of all the opportunities. Jacob Atem was a young boy, who lived in Sudan. He was about 6 years old, while the Civil War was going on .However. Jacob did not know what was going on at the time. All he knew was that the people in the military uniforms are bad guys. While Jacob and his cousin was at a camp by the Nile River.This camp is where most of the boys in their village goes to walk the goats and get water for their family. This was one beautiful days when the young men were out, but it turned completely turn into a horrible memoir that the boys will never forget about. While the boys were at the camp they heard a gunshot from a far distance coming from their village. While their mother, father and sisters was still there. All the boys seen were...
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