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Julian Kraidelman
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Life of Pi is a deep read with a lot of important conflicts inside of it, a fantastic book for the future to read. It shows a lot of different aspects of life, the will to survive, symbolism, and humanity/ religion powers and struggles are displayed. Good things and negative things can come out of being a survivor from a shipwreck. A struggle for survival, faith in humanity and religion, and the power of symbolism are huge parts of this book but more importantly life, and the future should be aware of that so they can study these very topics with better understanding. While at sea, Pi was very lonely and had a rough time, but he changed as a person (for the better) because of it.

Without any symbolism, Life of Pi isn’t nearly as meaningful. One of the most involved characters, Richard Parker was an orange bengal tiger who was part of Pi’s dad’s zoo. He only revealed himself on the lifeboat after the zebra, orangutang, and hyena fought it out. This gives us the idea that Richard Parker isn’t real since a normal tiger would’ve at least attempt to kill all the other animals on the boat. And is only a mere projection of Pi, or Pi’s animal side. The book never reveals who was Richard Parker is and leaves it up to the reader. Without Richard Parker, Pi would have most likely died. Richard displayed all of Pi’s fears, death and being a Bengal tiger. As Pi’s life extends at sea, he overcomes those fears thanks to Richard Parker. When Pi finally reached the shores of an island that was claimed by Mexico, Richard Parker got off the

boat and just walked away, he didn’t even look back at Pi to give a look saying “thank you” Who Richard Parker was is up to you, but it seems as if he was on the boat to keep Pi alive. Before Pi reaches land, he comes across an Algae Island. There was no solid ground, Pi’s feet sunk a little bit into the algae. He said that it was helpful to have that type of ground so he could learn to walk again. The island had food on it so Pi decided it wouldn’t be a bad idea to stay on the island for a little bit. On the island Pi discovered that the only other animal on the island were Meerkats, and then there were trees almost everywhere, with what seemed to be big fruits with a lot of food or juice inside of them. Before the day ended and Pi had his bed laid out in the trees, Pi got ahold of one. He kept on peeling and peeling the what he thought was fruit leaf after leaf. Eventually there was nothing left but one leaf, and a tooth inside of it. This meant that there had been someone else on this island in the middle of nowhere that died, and that the island was carnivorous. During that night the algae was glowing, Pi wanted to know what was going on so he threw one of the meerkats on the ground, and once it touched the floor it scurried back on the tree. There were ponds on the island where there were fish swimming in it during the day. At night fish bones rose to the surface of the ponds, the island was alive. At this moment Pi knew that he couldn’t stay on this island much longer. After restoring his health to the best of his ability, eating all the food he could find, he was ready to leave the island. Richard Parker followed the path of Pi. Just like Richard Parker this island symbolizes something. The island is a religion with the followers being the meerkats. Pi’s life boat represents faith and the sea represents harsh reality. Now this is only one interpretation of the island, like Richard Parker, the island can be interpreted differently. This is exactly why the future should read this book, there are so many perspectives of this book. And all this time reading about Richard Parker and the

island, there is a small detail that Yaan Martel writes about that I never noticed before, the color orange.
Yaan Martel uses the color orange a lot, and makes it into a symbol. Richard Parker is orange, and so was Pi’s previous cat. The...
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