Life of Pi, Paper on Masks Pi Shows

Topics: Human, Abuse, Religion Pages: 3 (1242 words) Published: September 20, 2007
Pi Patel is a human being and behind every human being lays masks to hide secrets of personality, parts of the person that might not seem acceptable to other human beings. For some people these masks are there to make the person be viewed in a better matter or it can even be for a more important matter in survival. Most may not even notice that all along they were showing a mask at some times. Although some of these masks can be hard to find, Pi's did not seem to be hard to find. For throughout the book Pi goes through the change of many different situations and events to make his masks seem all the more evident. Because of these Pi can have some mental stability in front of others by having more control over what others see of him. From the beginning he had little friends to go for and found and answer in religion, while fighting to intimidate a 450-pound Bengal tiger, and for overcoming depression for being in the lifeboat so long, Pi just had a list of the different masks that he used. One of the first more obvious masks seemed to happen when Pi reached for religion.

"Religious coping is another way of dealing with loneliness. And it is not necessarily as elaborate as you think. In some instances, poets have made simple exclamations, like "oh god", and others have just being praying for help, praying for the perfect person to come into their life, praying for a miracle." That is what religion did for Pi. For so long he had been a lonely child, trying to follow up in his brother's footsteps. When religion had come to him this all had changed and he found a way to hide his loneliness by befriending god. "This, in a holy nutshell, is Hinduism, and I have been a Hindu all my life. With its notions in mind I see my place in the universe" (Martel 63). This is when Pi decided to change his life through religion; it made him feel good. "I feel at home in a Hindu temple. I am aware of Presence, not personal the way we usually feel presence, but...
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