Life of Pi Diary Entry

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April 4th, 2013
Dear God,
Recently I’ve been thinking a lot since I’ve been here at Hospital Angeles Tijuana about my family and the fact that I have been lost at sea for 227 days. I miss my family, but I miss Richard Parker too. Well I just can’t believe what happened these past 7 months. It’s crazy to acknowledge the fact that I’ve been out there for over half a year.

Two men who claimed to be some Japanese Transport Officials visited me and asked me questions about what happened when the Tsimtsum sank. Firstly, I told them that the ship sank and that I had jumped in the life boat, along with 4 other animals (Richard Parker the Bengal tiger, Orange Juice the Orangutan, a hyena and a zebra with a broken leg). Then I said that Richard Parker killed the hyena right after the hyena killed Orange Juice and the zebra. But then after a big storm and a night on the Meerkat Island, both Richard Parker and I wound up on the Mexican border. Richard ran away and next thing you know, I woke up here. Now these Japanese Transport Officials did not believe me. Why? I don’t even have a clue.

Next thing I know, they are requesting a plausible story, so I told them my other story where the animals are actually humans. So Orange Juice was portrayed as my mom, Gita. The zebra with the broken leg was a weakened sailor, and the despicable cook was the hyena. I tried to tell the story but replace the names. I just cannot believe that my mother died before my eyes from a man that had just killed a disabled man! Of course I had to kill the man. He ruined my life and I didn’t want him to hurt me either. As I was the only one alive by the end of the intense journey, I stumbled onto shore and woke up in this hospital. The Japanese Officials left after this and I have never seen them again to this day.

What is the big deal about names? Most people who have interviewed me think that the names are of an importance. I agree with them only because the names have some meaning and deep...
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