Life of Pi Analysis

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Life of Pi
Part 2/3 Questions
Chapter starts with “The ship sank.”
Jesus, Mary, Muhammad and Vishnu, how good to see you, Richard Parker!
“I woke up to what I was doing. I yanked on the rope. Let go of that lifebuoy, Richard Parker! Let go, I said. I don't want you here, do you understand? Go somewhere else. Leave me alone. Get lost. Drown! Drown!"

Ship Left: June 21st, 1977
Drowned: July 2nd, 1977
Ship drowned on its 11th day at sea
Sailors threw Pi into the safety boat which was strange

Zebra was next to join them on the boat, a male Grant

Richard parker gets into the boat, Pi jumps out, Comes back in because of shark

Pi was surprised that the zebra was still alive, “It was on its side, facing me, its head and neck awkwardly propped against the boat's side bench. It had badly broken a rear leg. The angle of it was completely unnatural. Bone protruded through skin and there was bleeding. Only its slim front legs had a semblance of normal position. They were bent and neatly tucked against its twisted torso.”
Hyena was found on the sailboat. “Sailors had thrown me into the lifeboat. They weren't trying to save my life. That was the last of their concerns. They were using me as fodder. They were hoping that the hyena would attack me and that somehow I would get rid of it and make the boat safe for them”

Orang-utang made it to the ship floating on bananas
Pi made the “Stupid” mistake of not taking any bananas and just taking the net they were in

A ship would appear on the horizon. A gun would be found to kill the hyena and put the zebra out of its misery. Perhaps Orange Juice could be saved. I would climb aboard and be greeted by my family. They would have been picked up in another lifeboat. I only had to ensure my survival for the next few hours until this rescue ship came.

The zebra's broken leg was missing. The hyena had bitten it off and dragged it to the stern, behind the zebra

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