Life of Pi

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Swimming in the Relaxation
Venezuela has a lot of tourist places that people can fall in love easily. La Gran Sabana, Venezuela has many waterfalls, and exceeding great rocks called Tepuys, but there is a place in La Gran Sabana where many people do not know because is far away, people cannot take the car and they need to walk for hours to go there. However, when people see the place is like a paradise, the grandiose place is called The Natural Swimming Pool. This is not just a regular swimming pool. This natural pool is peaceful; for example, the crystalline water which everybody can drink. The surrounding is passive; there is nothing around the pool, just a Tepuys far away. This pool despite to be natural, people can slide in a natural slide and diving. This pool is so deep that tourist cannot touch the floor.

The shape of the natural swimming pool is like a common circle swimming pool, but is made of scratchy rocks. Also, it has a natural diving board which is made of rock too. The slide is made of a very smooth rock, people can set on the slide and it is very slippery. The pool is so deep that when the people use the diving rock they cannot touch the surface. The pool is in the middle of nowhere; people can scream and nobody can hear. Nature is so gorgeous that there is a part in the swimming pool where there is stairs made of rock to enter on the pool. Some people go there to think and meditate because is so silence.

The best season to go to this pool is every time on the year, sometimes on June and July is raining, but it is still a calm place. However, going to this place is like the hot desert but in a moment of hallucination all can become reality the weather on January is perfect in La Gran Sabana because the sun is always shining and the breeze is adequate of the moment not too cold and not too hot. When people touch the water they feel a sensation to be always on the water. The temperature of the water is warm, so people can swim comfortable...
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