Life of Pi

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Reading Log #1 (Ch.1-20)
• The protagonist of the novel is Pi Patel
• The narrator keeps shifting from Pi to the author
• Pi had studied religion and Zoology at UfT
• Pi dislikes agnostic people for their thought of god • The author tells us Pi’s about 40, reserved and cautious yet still excitable • Pi’s uncle Mamaji was a champion swimmer. He taught Pi how to swim • Mamaji would tell stories about historic pools around the world. The best he claims is the Piscine Molitor in Paris • Pi was named after the pool, Piscine Molitor Patel

• After Pondicherry received a zoo Pi moved there and his father bought it • Quote on religion, zoo and freedom, “the gist being animals are really free in zoos and religion frees the believer • When a young boy, kids would tease him over his name because Piscine heard like pissisng • So 1st day of high school, before the teacher said his name he made it apparent to everyone he would like to be called Pi by writing it on the board and drawing the pi symbol. The nickname sticked. • Mr. Kumar said trust science and communism over religion, Pi disagrees however admires him • His father calls Pi and his brother Ravi to teach them about animals in the zoo. He showed them the difference between safe and dangerous animals • His auntie Rohini took him to the temple when he was an infant. That his love for religious started • He loves Hinduism for its rituals. Also believes in Brahman saguana and where the divine manifest of the world connects with the divine in human beings • Pi meets father martin to discuss the religion. He is impressed • Next Pi becomes muslim at 15, by watching a baker pray, Satish Kumar • Pi joins Satish to the mosque and the new friends pray together • Pi relates a story setting later on when he’s in Canada. He said he saw the Virgin Mary

Reading Log #2(Ch.21-36)
• Pi's imam, priest and pandit notice he goes to the mosque, church and temple • Pi and his family are out enjoying when he is confronted by all three relious leaders. They start arguing over which faith Pi believes in. They all agree he must choose one • He replies 'Bapu Ghandi says,"All religions are true"' • Pi asks for permission to buy a prayer rug and to be baptized. Both parents have no answer. He goes ahead and buys his prayer rug • His parents argued on who allowed him to buy it. His mother defends Pi and his religious deviations and they start loosening up • Pi gets baptized

• The family decides to move to Canada while Indira Ghandi, prime minister, takes control over the Patel's home state, Tamil Nadu • Pi introduces Mr. Kumar the muslim to Mr. Kumar the biologist. They are both curious about each other • The Patel's have sold most of the zoo animals to other zoos • The family moves from Madras on June 1st 1977

• While in Canada, Pi's mother considers buying Indian cigarettes even though she doesn't smoke. She is already homesick • At the end of Part 1 the author assures us there is happy ending

Reading log #3(Ch.37-52)
• The boat sinks due to an explosion and Pi is in a lifeboat while Richard Parker is in the water. Pi throws a lifebuoy and regrets it because he doesn't want the tiger to eat him. When Parker comes on Pi jumps out • Pi is able to come back on the while Richard Parker(RP) is still in the boat as well as the zebra. • Pi looks over the boat and sees the zebra injured and wonders why the zebra isnt eaten yet? • Pi spots a hyena and assumes that RP has fallen overboard and died since a hyena and tiger cannot be in such a small place • An orangutan named orange juice(oj) climbs on board

• The hyena starts snarling and the zebra barking and squealing. Pi gets really scared • The zebra's injured leg has been bitten off by the hyena and Pi feels sorry • Oj feels...
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