Life of Pi

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Life of Pi: What to Do?

When one is threatened their existence, either human or animal, the reaction towards the threat is almost immediate impulse to stay alive. No matter how strong a bond or relationship is conveyed between two human beings; if the situation calls for a person to fend for his or her life, that person will let no one get in the way of preserving their own life. In the story, Life of Pi, the author Yann Martel depicts a beautiful example of what a person may do when exposed to their imminent fate. Pi, a young Indian boy trapped on a lifeboat at sea with the most dangerous animal must learn to survive under the given circumstances which involve manipulating his beliefs, creating security from the animal, and establishing dominance between the animal. Piscine is pushed into the position to sacrifice the principles he lives by, in order to stay alive. “But religion is more than rite and ritual, there is what the rite and ritual stand for”(p.49). Pi’s overall statement infers that religion is key to ones lifestyle he’s subjected to reinforces the logistics of his predicament. As well as believing religion is “ritual” as Pi states, he emphasizes through that word that religion should always be apart of a persons life in order to survive; although his beliefs are hazed as the reader progresses. “A lifetime of peaceful vegetarianism stood between me and the will of beheading a fish”(p.231). Pi was in a struggle between his prior commitments of a no meat diet, yet faced with a solution to his hunger concerns. Piscine, although faithful to his beliefs, made the impulsive decision to eat the fish and live to see another day. Several efforts from Pi were made in order to secure himself from the dangers he was faced on the lifeboat. “That made a territory of one hundred square feet for Richard Parker”(p.173). Martel establishes Pi’s motive of advocation by giving the tiger leeway to satisfy the animal and sustain its aggression...
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