Life of Louise Erdrich

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Joni Baxley
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March 4, 2014
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Louise Erdrich was born June 7, 1954. She was born first of seven children to Ralph and Rita Erdrich. Louise Erdrich attended school where her parents both taught at a boarding school run by the Bureau of Indian Affairs in North Dakota. After attending there, Erdrich attended college as part of the first class of women at Dartmouth College in 1972 earning her B.A. While attending college, Erdrich met her future husband Michael Dorris. Louise Erdrich married her husband in the year of 1981. Erdrich and Dorris adopted three kids and had three kids of their own. In 1995, the couple then split up and Michael Dorris committed suicide in 1997. Louise Erdrich was greatly influenced by her family, but the one who had the biggest impact was her father. While Erdrich was growing up, her father would pay her a nickel for story that she wrote. Her stories would normally be about lonely girls that would have a hidden talent. Louise Erdrich would write her stories thinking that her family was going to be the only one reading them, but she was mistaken. Her father would publish her stories without her knowing. While Erdrich was writing her stories, she would often cut the ends of the store off. She did this because she did not know how she wanted to end her stories, so she found a good stopping point in what she had already written. Also in her stories, Erdrich would get her characters mixed up, but this did not bug her because she thought she was the only one going to be reading them. Many different people would come up to Erdrich and explain their own family problems. Erdrich felt guilty because she was not using their life history in her work, so she used these family problems in her own stories. All of Erdrich’s work is connected in some way, either by blood or by history. When Louise get stuck on what to write next, she goes for a walk. Louise Erdrich wrote many poems along with short stories....

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