Life of Guide Dogs a.k.a Seeing-Eye Dogs

Pages: 1 (415 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Guide Dogs a.k.a “Seeing-eye dogs”.

When you see a person who is blind walking confidently down a busy city sidewalk with his guide dog, you may wonder how the dog knows where to go and what to do. How does a puppy grow up to be a guide dog and take on the enormous responsibility of seeing for his human companion? Guide Dog For The Blind is a non-profit organization that has been training dogs for 71 years, to let us into the life of guide dogs and the people who depend on them. Guide Dogs for the Blind relies on Golden Retrievers, Labradors and German Shepherds most often, and Standard Poodles for people with allergies. These breeds are selected because of their size and temper, and because of their double coat of fur. Volunteer families house and breed the mom and dad dogs. Guide Dogs begin training as soon as they are weaned from their parents. Volunteer puppy raisers take puppies home to live in a family environment for a year. These puppies get obedience training like any other dog, but also get to do a whole lot more than your average dog for example, the puppy goes to the grocery store, movies, restaurants, church, and sporting events - sometimes even to the school of the puppy raiser's children. The more the puppy experiences as a puppy, the less likely he is to have an bad reaction to the experience as an adult. There is no price for the dog for a person who is blind, however many of the alumni donate time and money to ensure that this good deed isn’t unnoticed. A person gets matched up with a dog if they are legally blind, however they don’t have to be actually fully blind. Some people actually breed them themselves and then one day if they need it they don’t have to spend the time trying to find the right one, ect. The owner of the guide dog has to treat the pet as if It were their pet, technically it is. So all the usual things we do for ours maybe with a little help from friends and family. Once the dog is retired from its job it carries on life...
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