Life of Galileo

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Galileo Galilei - a teacher of mathematics
The Methuen Student Edition of Life of Galileo was written by Bertolt Brecht. This version was first published in 1968 by Methuen London Ltd. It portrays Galileo and how he has used his power of determination and resolution to prove his findings; which later contributed to the greater good of mankind in scientific ways. This is depicted in three different scenes and events. In it, Galileo is stripped of pride and dignity, even risking his life for his work. Galileo was the starting point that brought us to where we are now in terms of our scientific research and many other things. His stubbornness to prove his work and to prove that he himself was right has affected us in unimaginable ways.

Galileo will go to extreme lengths to collect evidence and prove his discoveries. Ignoring the pleas of his friend Sagredo, Galileo insists on moving to Florence to be accepted at court. “Just now, when I was watching you at the telescope and you were watching those new stars, it seemed to me I was watching you stand on blazing faggots; and when you said you believed proof I smelt burnt flesh. Don’t go to Florence, Galileo.” (Scene3 Page 33) Galileo plans to infiltrate the court and resolved to give the Pope and his monks all the evidence they needed to believe him. In this scene Galileo demonstrates his dedication to his discoveries. He moves to Florence knowing full well that Florence being run by monks along with his credulity in politics would be his downfall. Regardless he sends a letter to the Grand Duke. This characterizes the extent Galileo would go to, to justify his discoveries. Even with an epidemic on his doorstep, Galileo still holds his notes as his number one priority. This is clearly illustrated in scene 5 where Galileo instructs Mrs Sarti to “pack nothing. Take Virginia and Andrea, I’ll get my notes” (scene5 pg44) Galileo had a way to escape the plague infected area, he had the choice to go with his children but...
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