Life Line/Brick Essay

Pages: 4 (1825 words) Published: December 12, 2006
For nearly two years I had a brick in my life, but somehow I couldn't tell that he was holding me back. Eventually, I realized what I needed to do. I felt like I was at the bottom of the ocean. So, I cut the brick loose and swam back up for fresh air.

To everyone Alex was just an average person. He looked like every fifteen year old boy: scraggly, scrawny, and chicken legged. He had curly, dark brown hair and eyes like emeralds. He had a big nose, but it was cute in a strange way, and bushy eyebrows that drew attention to his stunning eyes. His thin lips hid his toothy smile, and the one tooth that was nicknamed "Fang." Like most boys his age, his face was littered with countless pimples and zits. His ears were too large for him but they added to his character. He stood about five foot eight, but you could never tell because of his awful posture.

Alex was the silliest looking boy in my grade, but I instantly fell in love with his goofiness. He always had some smart remark to make, and the conversation never went without him putting those two cents in. He was always making people laugh and his personality was addicting. Maybe that's why I fell in love with him.

We started dating our freshmen year, and I have to agree that he was my first "true love." We spent every waking moment together, and when we weren't physically together, we were on the phone. Some nights we only got one or two hours of sleep because we were on the phone so late. It was a perfect budding relationship. Nothing was going to go wrong; we had our entire lives planned out. We didn't have a care in the world.

One afternoon in June, the summer before my sophomore year, the world turned upside down. My parents had decided to pack up and leave Bismarck to move to Garretson. Alex was in shock, so was I. We had two weeks before we were actually moving, and they were the worst weeks in history.

Exactly one week before the moving date, Alex decided to pull a stunt in front of me. Our...
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