Life Lessons in Sports

Topics: Personal life, Sport, Learning Pages: 5 (1907 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Life lessons are lessons that people receive to help them carry on their life smoothly. These lessons would include acquiring socialization skills and etiquette and learning how to be effectively persistent and responsible with others. Sports can be very instructive in teaching these types of lessons. There are obvious benefits of sports such as keeping people physically fit, promoting active lifestyles, and relieving emotional stress. There are also moral benefits associated with sports. Some people don’t realize how much they’re learning while they’re involved in either team sports or individual events. The truth is that when one is strongly dedicated to sports, he or she is receiving immeasurable benefits. Recently, more people have been developing an interest in sports largely due to the emphasis on the battle for obesity. While weight loss is the most evident result, the moral and life teachings that are acquired through an interest in sports comes through in many ways. While participating one learns how to handle pressure or be handled by pressure. One also learns that cooperation and teamwork is necessary. Sports involvement makes us deal with successes and failures all the while building character and persistence. First and foremost, involvement in sports teaches people to handle pressure and foster the ability to manage their performance during tough times in their lives. This is because with sports comes competition. This competition is very important since it teaches people to overcome in tough times. The competition with rival teams who have more power, or who are sometimes equally as strong, makes one find the best solution towards victory (Fortanasce 11). This involves planning tactics and proper goal-setting. For example, during long distance running, sports can teach people how to concentrate on the right target and to keep focused on the plan to succeed. When confronted with life challenges, perseverance and self-motivation can be of great assistance. Both of these are learned through participation in sports. Many people who devalue sports involvement argue only on physical benefits. They don’t recognize nor perhaps place importance on perseverance and self-motivation. The indispensable truth is that sportsmanship that is developed in the field transfers to one’s personal life and serves as a massive foundation for future success (Barassi 25). Secondly, sports foster the cooperation between a person and other members of a team. This provides a life lesson of enabling people to develop their interaction skills with other members of a society. The interaction that takes place between athletes is productive. This helps people who are involved in sports to transfer the same in their daily life. Common sense and experience appeal to any team that has deep interpersonal bonds and a supportive atmosphere is always bound to win. Sports also involve trial-and-error in the game because people of varying personalities often become teammates. Respecting and listening to the opinions of everyone on the team usually yield the best results. The interaction with teammates during sports helps people develop their negotiation and communication skills. These two skills are very important in our personal lives. In fact, these skills are fundamental in those we look up to as leaders. As stated by Douglas Putnam, “People who do not agree with these moral and life teachings that come along with sports are probably different and perhaps they do not really appreciate the warmth of a good interpersonal relationship with their neighbors” (Putnam 54).

Sports also have psychological benefits that help in interpersonal development. For example, sports are associated with success and failures. Athletes must fail and succeed at different points in their lives. By nature of deduction, athletes learn how to handle both with ease. It helps individuals develop a positive attitude towards failure seeing as participating in some...
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