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Life Lessons

By stephs503 Feb 01, 2009 500 Words
I strongly believe that some of our greatest life lessons are the experiences that we have obtained in life. I feel fortunate to have had many experiences which have shaped me into the person I am today.

Growing up with a twin sister and older brother allowed me to have someone to share in all lives courses. My siblings and I were raised by only our mother. She worked very hard to provide a suitable and stable life for us. The only issue I can raise is that we moved every couple of years from the time I was in Elementary School until I finished High School. As a child I did not worry about the affects of relocating. As an adult I am beginning to become aware that my upbringing has led me to for my own opinions about the meaning of home. I’ve been to a total of eight schools in a total of thirteen years. I never really thought too much about transitioning because I always had my siblings to get through each new situation with. I can debate that these situations have left me with a debatable opinion of with positive and negative impacts. Fortunately I was able to take each situation and embrace it. I made friends quickly and I learned the value of family. These two qualities have left me with a great appreciation.

Fortunately for me I completed High School on time and with adequate grades and continued on. As a young adult I married my “high school sweetheart”. He was military and I thought nothing about moving halfway across the United States for him. Looking back I was completely unaware that I was to young to get married. Secondly, I was going to be a thousand miles from everyone and everything I’d ever known. I remember waking up one day with no one there. My family was so far away, and my husband gone almost all the time. I did what any one would do, and a year later I returned home alone. Extremely sad and yet relieved.

I truly feel now that had I not moved around so much during my childhood that I wouldn’t have been so eager to move across the country to be married. While my experiences have come with several “issues” for me to sift through I know I strongly believe I’m still as dependable and stable as I would have been without relocating. My actual “place” in this world has only had one bearing on me, and it’s only because I need my family. Where we are as a whole has no impact on who I am and what I desire for my life. I’m grateful for my experiences and the people I’ve met along the way. Now that I’m grown with a child of my own I realize how nice it is to just be “home”. It goes without saying, “Home is where the heart is”.

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