Life Is a Journey

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Life is a journey! We live, we die! We say hello and we say goodbye… but what happens in between?

The comparison of life to a journey has become to cliché. One would hear it from parents, from teachers and even from preachers, but what I’ve leant from this cliché is that despite what anyone believes, we cannot deny that life is definitely a journey.

When I think about a journey, a picture of a long dusty road, over beautiful hills and plains, appears in my mind. Sometimes I’d see hikers walking up a mountain with their backpacks or people boarding on trains to go to another village or I see young people going on a road trip in their home land.

But what has life got to do with a journey? 

We were brought into this world with nothing- physically speaking, but what when were we brought into this world we had so much potential to become whatever we desired… but then life happened!

Our shoes would wear out by walking on the dusty road. We’d run out of supplies when we climbing up a mountain, we’d board the wrong train and we’d get lost, we’d run out of fuel while enjoying the road ahead!

As I was walking around today, looking for my friends, I felt purposeless. It felt like I had nothing to do, but just stand in the middle of the quad. I felt lost!

Life has become so expensive that when we work extremely hard, we run out of energy until we can’t carry on. It feels like one just ran out of fuel.

Journeys are stressful, tiring, exhausting and somedays one doesn’t get a break, but another thing about journeys, is that while climbing that mountain one would see the sun set, the moon rise and sleep under the stars and not forgetting those beautiful, breathtaking sunrises.

Life isn’t that bad after all! With everything bad or uncalled for happens, something good is sure to come along the way and that’s the beauty of life.

I’ve learnt a lot so far from my personal life experiences. I had good and bad experiences. My heart has been broken. I’ve...
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