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Life Is a Day

By theophilas Apr 09, 2013 255 Words

Yeah sure, life is a day.
A bright sunny morning is just the thing,
And the whole beautiful day lies before you.
You are young and inexperienced,
With your whole future ahead of you.
Of course you can’t tell at a what time of the day
The storm will hit or how heavy it will be,
But it is always there
Maybe more than one.

Noon strolls in.
You feel older now and yes, you are.
But sometimes you don’t understand yourself
Or other people who think they know more than you
And that’s not all,
There’s so much going on.
Places to go, things to do, friends to make and so on.
You are simply too preoccupied to notice
The dark clouds gathering.

Evening emerges.
The storm has spoiled your evening,
The weather has dampened your mood.
You wish you had been somewhere else
Where it hadn’t rained, and curse why
It had to rain in your neighbourhood.
As you are still brooding over this,
A friend comes along and you both decide
To spend the rest of the day together.

Darkness falls.
The trees have eerie long shadows, there are creepy noises,
Movements all around and the house is spooky!
Unfortunately mummy can’t come and read you bedtime stories And that’s if she’s still alive anyway.
There is no one to ward off the ghost for you
You must stand and fight. If you win the battle
You prolong your day, if you lose, you end your day.

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