Life Is What You Make It

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Can Life Really Be What YOU Make It?
A lot of people say they would like to change their life or retract their steps, but me I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world. Brooke Smith, my first child, that I went through 34 hours of labor with is a reminder of all that I have went through, what I have done to get to where I am today and what I will do for her to have the best life I can possibly give her being her mother. Certain things in my life were trying and devastating to where I wanted things to be different, but God makes no mistakes. Day to day I learned something new that made me wiser in result of growing up from a child to the woman I am today regardless of the lies I have told, criminal acts that I have committed, being sneaky and just making dumb mistakes. Everyone says how do you do it, Lisa, “how do you function with all that you have to deal with and do for other people?,” “Fortunately, I am able to do it and obviously God has a purpose for me and will not put more on me than he knows that I can,” how I respond to that question that is asked by others frequently. Graciously I am still standing strong and haven’t hit the ground to where I didn’t rise back up. Hate and love played a major part in the things that have transpired in my life to determine my ending result in different situations. I know for a fact at times the option I chose wasn’t always a benefactor or a positive route to take. My choices have gotten me in a lot of trouble at times. Nary do I regret the choices because as I said before those choices made me wiser. Obviously, your mistakes are not always your downfall in life they can be a stepping stone. People usually let their mistakes get the best of them. Quickly people think they want to be someone else or have someone else’s not realizing their own purpose because we all are her for different reasons. Rarely do I love hard with anything or anyone due to being hurt by many people that I loved and were loved ones....
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