Life Is What You and You Alone Make of It! Do You Agree?

Topics: 2002 albums, Supreme Court of the United States, Need Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: October 14, 2012
Life is what you and you alone make of it! What is your view?

I believe that we can make our lives into what we want them to become if we have enough drive and reserve to achieve our goals. Our lives are our own, waiting for us to take them and mold them into exactly what we want. However, our lives are very much influenced, affected, and controlled by the people around us. Friends, parents, society, and even ourselves, can inhibit our hopes and dreams just as much as they can help us achieve them. Friends can influence us immensely. Whether consciously or subconsciously we all take in the behavior of our peers and accept it as the “norm” a standard that most feel that they need to fit into. Our lives are not dictated by this, but are very much induced by it. Parents have a long-standing effect upon us, when we were young children we accepted everything they told us as fact, without a single shred of evidence except that they had said it. If they told us that when we died we would go to heaven or hell we believed it. If they told us Santa was coming on Christmas morning we believed that too. Some parents do believe that life is what you and you alone make of it and tell their children that they can be whatever they want to be when they grow up. Other parents already have something in mind for the child, perhaps becoming a doctor like the father, carrying on the family business, taking over the farm, or joining the army. People feel an obligation to do this because their parents cared for them as children and they feel they need to “give back” or because they have been told all their lives that family loyalty is the most important thing. Many people let their parents dictate their lives. Society and the government also have great control over our lives. They tell us what is acceptable for our lives, and what is not. For example, homosexuality was not legal in America until 2003 in the Supreme Court case of Lawrence vs. Texas. Only recently has homosexuality...
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