Life Is Too Short

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Management Information System &KM

Production Management

Production Management:
Production Management addresses order sequencing and execution, tracking and genealogy, and interactive manufacturing process control. By synchronizing actionable real-time information across manufacturing methods, materials, manpower and machines, you can improve coordination of multiple production processes — regardless of location

Bid/Sales Order Modules
Production Control
Inventory Control

POs, RFBs, Invoices

Shop Travelers

Commission tracking

Production status

Shipping Module

Customer/Vendor tracking

Advantage of production management system
Quotation module Develop quotes quickly and easily! Users can quickly quote items factoring in such costs as materials, labor, taxes, and overhead/profit markups. Markups can be done as a percentage or a dollar amount. Customer discounts can be included. A history may be kept of all quote revisions as well as a complete history of all quotes customer by customer.

Sales Order A simple mouse click transforms a quote into a sales order. An entire quote can become a sales order, or only certain line items from the quote can be selected to appear in a sales order. As an option, sales orders can be created directly without first preparing a quote. The Sales Order Module keeps an optional history of all revisions to each individual sales order, as well as a complete history of all sales orders on a customer by customer basis.

Shop Traveler/Work Order Module Users, with simple mouse clicks, can quickly create each job's step by step production procedures and inspection requirements, certification requirements, materials needed and deadlines. A mouse click on the “lot split” button allows an order to be split up into multiple shop travelers to be produced at separate...
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